Month: May 2021

BiH ESAP 2030+ fact sheet

BiH ESAP 2030+ fact sheet Fact sheet January 2021 Bosnia and Herzegovina is developing an environmental strategy and action plan. The BiH Environmental Strategy and Action Plan 2030+ will: provide...

Biodiversity – a cornerstone of our life on Earth

Every species, including humans, is connected to and relies on each other to survive. Each year, on the 22nd of May, the International Day for Biological Diversity is organised to increase understanding and awareness...

Webinar: Transition away from coal in BiH: what does it mean, how might it be...

The webinar will explore what an uncertain future means for coal mining regions in BiH and how can they approach this uncertainty with positive actions already now. The webinar will...

A vicious circle: air pollution, energy poverty and inequality in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Environmental issues are deeply intertwined with gender equality, social equity, and poverty. This is highly relevant regarding air pollution in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where energy poverty has worsened inequalities. Air...


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