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Development of the Environmental Strategy and Action Plan of Bosnia and Herzegovina

SEI is supporting Bosnia and Herzegovina with the preparation of their environmental strategy.

The BiH ESAP 2030+ will provide a long-term planning framework, allowing for coherent environmental practices and actions across BiH. It will be a critical tool for relevant authorities to reach environmental sustainability and improved citizen health and well-being for current and future generations across BiH.


& Events

BiH ESAP 2030+: The Environmental Strategy of BiH developed

After three years of active preparations, Bosnia and Herzegovina´s (BiH) countrywide Environmental Strategy is developed and going through adoption procedures. The project

Environmental attitudes in Bosnia and Herzegovina: trends and strategies going forward

Photo: FS-Stock / Getty Images Authors: Claudia Strambo, Mahboubeh Rahmati-Abkenar, Saša Solujić, Laura Del Duca Environmental attitudes, defined as, “the collection of beliefs,

The premiere of the BiH ESAP 2030+ short film in Tuzla

Students and teachers from three high schools in Tuzla (Meša Selimović, Ismet Mujezinović, and the High School of Construction and Geodesy) gathered

Bosnia and Herzegovina set for EU candidate status

Thursday, 15th of December 2022, will mark a historic day for Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is now confirmed that the decision to

Brčko high school students watched BiH ESAP 2030+ film

Students from Brčko’s Agricultural and Medical High School attended the premiere of ESAP BiH 2030+ film, shown in this town for the

Environmental Strategy of Republika Srpska 2022-2032 adopted

The Environmental Strategy of Republika Srpska was adopted on November 17th, during the 195th regular session of the Republika Srpska Government. The

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Supporting Bosnia and Herzegovina
with the preparation of their
environmental strategy.

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