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Development of the Environmental Strategy and Action Plan of Bosnia and Herzegovina

SEI is supporting Bosnia and Herzegovina with the preparation of their environmental strategy.

The BiH ESAP 2030+ will provide a long-term planning framework, allowing for coherent environmental practices and actions across the country. A critical tool for relevant authorities to reach environmental sustainability and improved citizen health and well-being for current and future generations across the country.


& Events

What are inclusive facilitation techniques?

The BiH ESAP 2030+ project incorporates a Gender Equality, Social Equity and Poverty (GESEP) perspective within its team and in its activities

Working Group meeting at the level of the Brčko District marks the end of the first round

Introductory session The first round of the BiH ESAP 2030+ project’s working group meetings for the levels of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH),

Republic of Srpska has organised their first round of ESAP 2030+ WG meetings

Una river. Photo: Milan Maksovic, Getty On the 6th of October, it was time for the Republic of

Meeting of working groups at FBiH level successfully held

Introductory session A day after the meeting of working groups at the level of BiH, an online meeting of working groups at

It’s happening! First Working Group meeting for BiH ESAP2030+

Sarajevo. Photo by Thomas Hackl (Flickr) More than 100 participants took part of the first meeting, where the

Working Groups established in the Project

In the BiH ESAP 2030+ project, 28 Working Groups (WG) are established. These groups make one of the main pillars of the

Project Goals

Planned Activities


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Supporting Bosnia and Herzegovina
with the preparation of their
environmental strategy.

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