Mainstreaming equity considerations into environmental policymaking: the case of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Environmental Strategy and Action Plan

Authors: Claudia Strambo, Saša Solujić
June 2023

Key messages

This report describes the approach used to mainstream gender equality, social equity and poverty (GESEP) considerations into the project Development of the Environmental Strategy and Action Plan of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It presents the project’s GESEP mainstreaming goals, as well as the main steps used to do so. It then summarizes the project’s GESEPrelated results, and provides a series of key recommendations drawn from the project’s experience. These include the need to set projects’ GESEP-related ambitions as a first step in mainstreaming efforts; the importance of allocating sufficient resources to meet GESEP mainstreaming goals; and the need to anticipate resistance to GESEP mainstreaming into environmental policy. The report also highlights the need to improve access to disaggregated data and examples of best practices, as well as the need to use project activities as a platform for marginalized groups to safely voice their concerns, needs and proposals.

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