Students and teachers from three high schools in Tuzla (Meša Selimović, Ismet Mujezinović, and the High School of Construction and Geodesy) gathered on the 29th of March, 2023, for a premiere of the short documentary film about BiH ESAP 2030+. The screening was followed by an informative and inspiring discussion with representatives of the Ministry of Spatial Planning and Environmental Protection of the Tuzla Canton, Mr Goran Mišić, the project expert on air quality, climate and energy, prof. Azrudin Husika, and the director of the NGO Centre for Ecology and Energy in Tuzla, Ms Džemila Agić, who was also a member of the project Working Group for air quality.

Air quality is one of the salient concerns for Tuzla Canton. Thus, the discussion was centred on raising awareness of the youth regarding the detrimental effects of poor air quality and the toxic mix of substances that impact the health of citizens. Around 60 students had the opportunity to learn from a panel of experts about the practical steps and measures that can be taken on a personal level to minimize further pollution and protect one’s health and that of others. Initiatives taken by the public and NGO sectors were also discussed, such as helping communities switch to environmentally friendly heating systems through monetary incentives.

The issue of dated university curriculums was raised as one of the most significant concerns threatening a fast green transition. New ideas and topics are not treated as imperative subjects in schools but rather as optional. Prof. Husika highlighted this as a major challenge: „We are still teaching students the knowledge that created this problem in the first place. We must put an emphasis on subjects that deal with the solutions to created issues. The greatest barrier to our speedy transition to renewable energy is our deficiency of qualified staff who can address these challenges in an adequate manner.“

During the event, students were allowed space to express their concerns and ask questions they found most pressing, such as the greatest challenges hampering progress towards a green transition and the odds of BiH making the transition in the first place. After the discussion with the expert panel, students and teachers shared their excitement for the implementation of the BiH ESAP 2030+ project.

If you haven’t seen the film, check it out here: