The Ambassador of Sweden in BiH kicks off our latest Facebook campaign with public figures talking about our important environmental challenges

The BiH ESAP 2030+ project aims to contribute to the improvement of the state of the environment in BiH through a systematic and long-term approach, as well as to the progress of becoming a candidate for EU membership. Johanna Strömquist, Ambassador of Sweden to BiH, draws attention to the importance of preserving the environment for current and future generations. During the month of January 2021, journalists and artists have shared with us their messages on why and how we can protect the environment and achieve a better quality of life.

Follow the links below to watch the other videos that were part of the Facebook campaign:

  • Watch the video with the singer Mirela Laković when she talks about the problem of air pollution
  • Check out the video with Aleksandar Trifunović, editor in chief of the web portal Buka, where he describes the thematic area of environmental management
  • Watch the video with Dijana Tepsic, founder and editor of the portal She highlights the importance of animals and plants in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • In this video actor Mario Drmać talks about waste management in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Watch the video with the singer Marija Šestić when she talks about the issues of resource management
  • Watch the video with the journalist Emela Burdžović Slipičević, talking about water and water management
  • Check out the video with Dalila Ahmetović, president of the association of young Roma, AKSIOM, when she talks about the problems of chemicals and noise