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Saša Solujić

Saša Solujić, Project Officer, SEI

Melano Sirbiladze

Melano Sirbiladze, Project Officer, SEI

Johanna Lehtmets

Johanna Lehtmets, Communication Officer, SEI Tallinn

Dr. Lisa Segnestam

Dr. Lisa Segnestam, Gender equality, social equity and poverty Expert, SEI

Anneli Sundin

Anneli Sundin, Communications Officer, SEI currently on parental leave

Sanjin Avdić

Sanjin Avdić, Project Coordinator, SEI

Claudia Strambo

Claudia Strambo, Scientific Advisor, SEI

Bernardas Padegimas

Bernardas Padegimas, Project Manager, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)


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