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Snežana Mišić Mihajlović

Snežana Mišić Mihajlović (Environmental management)

Maja Maretić Tiro

Maja Maretić Tiro (Environmental management)

Mihajlo Marković

Mihajlo Marković (Resource management)

Sanda Midžić Kurtagić

Sanda Midžić Kurtagić (Resource management)

Melina Džajić – Valjevac

Melina Džajić – Valjevac (Chemical safety and noise)

Borislav Malinović

Borislav Malinović (Chemical safety and noise)

Goran Trbić

Goran Trbić (Air quality, climate and energy)

Azrudin Husika

Azrudin Husika (Air quality, climate and energy)

Senka Barudanović

Senka Barudanović (Biodiversity and nature conservation)

Milan Mataruga

Milan Mataruga (Biodiversity and nature conservation)


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