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It’s happening! First Working Group meeting for BiH ESAP2030+

[caption id="attachment_3367" align="alignnone" width="2048"] Sarajevo. Photo by Thomas Hackl (Flickr)[/caption] More than 100 participants took part of the first meeting, where the Working Groups came together on BiH state level,...

Working Groups established in the Project

In the BiH ESAP 2030+ project, 28 Working Groups (WG) are established. These groups make one of the main pillars of the project, with 404 members involved in seven thematic...

Bernardas Padegimas, BiH ESAP 2030+ project manager: ESAP is very important for Bosnia and Herzegovina

This spring the preparation of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s environmental strategy took off. To understand in detail what the project is about and what processes are involved we took the opportunity...

BiH ESAP 2030+ project goes virtual during pandemic

Recently the project team organised a kick-off meeting with the Working Group Lead Experts. This meeting was supposed to be held in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but due to the Covid-19...

Q&A: Kaja Peterson on reviewing Bosnia and Herzegovina’s environmental performance

Back in 2017, Kaja Peterson from SEI Tallinn went to Bosnia and Herzegovina, where she was a member of a group of international experts carrying out the UN environmental performance...


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