After two years of development, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is on track to getting its first Environmental Strategy. Throughout these years, the process has followed the participatory approach, which made the development process of the draft Strategy available to a wide range of stakeholders. As a next step, the document will be open to all the citizens of BiH, who will be available to comment and give feedback.

All further information and instructions about opportunities to participate are available on the ESAP website and this page will be updated regularly with the relevant details.

The consultations have already started in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and will last there until the 30th of June. All comments, proposals and suggestions on the content of the documents can be submitted to the address of the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism: Hamdije Čemerlića 2, 71000 Sarajevo.

The consultations have also started in the Brčko District. All comments and suggestions can be submitted latest by the 16th of July to the address of Government of the Brčko District of BiH, Department for Spatial Planning and Property-Legal Affairs: Bulevar Mira no. 1, 76 100 Brčko or by e-mail to:

Finally, the consultation process started in Republika Srpska as well. All comments and suggestions can be submitted by the 19th of August to the address of the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Construction and Ecology of Republika Srpska: Trg Republike Srpske 1, Banja Luka or by e-mail to: or

By participating in public consultations, everyone can contribute to making the Environmental Strategy more effective and more reflective of local needs and solutions!