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Gilles Rebattet

Gilles Rebattet, Head of Operations, Section for Economic Development, Infrastructure and Natural Resources, Delegation of the European Union to BiH (observer to the board)

Torgny Svenungsson

Torgny Svenungsson, Head of Swedish Development cooperation in BiH, Embassy of Sweden (observer to the board)

Edin Zaimović

Edin Zaimović, Head of Department, Spatial Planning and Property Affairs, Brčko District (BD)

Srebrenka Golić

Srebrenka Golić, Minister, Ministry of Physical Planning, Civil Engineering, and Ecology, Republika Srpska (RS)

Edita Đapo

Edita Đapo, Minister, Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH)

Staša Košarac

Staša Košarac, Minister, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, BiH


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