On October 5th and November 2nd, during the 75th regular session of the Brčko District Government and the 79th Session of the Brčko District Assembly, the Environmental Strategy of the Brčko District of BiH 2022-2032 was approved and adopted, as an integral part of the Environmental Strategy of Bosnia and Herzegovina – BiH ESAP. The strategy was created for a ten-year period. It was developed as part of the BiH ESAP 2030+ project, which represents the appropriate response of the Embassy of Sweden in BiH to the request for assistance in developing the first Environmental Protection Strategy of BiH.

This document covers seven thematic areas: Water Management; Waste management; Biodiversity and nature protection; Air quality, climate change and energy; Chemical safety and noise; Sustainable resources management; as well as Environmental Management.

For each of the thematic areas, Brčko’s Environmental Strategy established priorities and measures to improve the environment, mitigate and reduce the impact of climate change and strengthen resistance to it, find better compliance of regulations with EU regulations and international agreements in the field of the environment, more efficient management of the environmental sector in BiH, ensure better public services in the areas, and integrate issues of gender equality, social equality and. The Strategy also offers indicative financial frameworks for implementing measures.

Read the article about the adoption of the Strategy on the website of the Brčko District Government: http://www.vlada.bdcentral.net/Publication/Read/75-sjednica-Vlade