The webinar aimed to provide information about the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) process within BiH ESAP 2030+ project and share SEA experiences from other countries. The webinar explained how and why the public needs to get actively involved and why the government’s role is crucial for completing the SEA process. Moreover, the speakers and moderators described the opportunities for the government and CSO sector during the process and encapsulate the basics for developing a good SEA. Participants were given an opportunity to obtain information about the current state of the SEA process for BiH ESAP 2030+. Furthermore, the webinar outlined insights into lessons learned from SEA processes from other Western Balkan countries and the European Union member states.

Webinar Thinking for Sustainability: The role of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) took place on the 23rd of September, 09:00 – 11:30 (CET).

The webinar is part of project’s SEA activities, that are being conducted in parallel with the development of BiH ESAP 2030+ and in line with the SEA directive.

Information about the agenda, panelists and other details can he found HERE.

Presentations are available HERE.

Find the recording of the webinar HERE.